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Research lectures, seminars and events

The events listed in this area are research seminars, workshops and lectures hosted by Durham University departments and research institutes. If you are not a member of the University, but  wish to enquire about attending one of the events please contact the organiser or host department.


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Events for 16 March 2017

Lecture by Judge Howard Morrison

Judge Howard Morrison

OWRI Language & Identity in Post-Soviet Spaces Seminar: 'Language Ideologies within, across and against Borders'

11:30am, Russkiy Mir Centre, A29, Elvet Riverside I, Durham University

Contact for more information about this event.

Samuel Borza: The Lévy-Gromov Isoperimetric Inequality

1:00pm, CM221

The isoperimetric inequalities are mathematical responses to centuries-old problems. For example, the Ancients already knew that to construct a surface-maximal city while having a limited amount of resources for the ramparts, they had to give a circular shape to the fortifications. Mathematically well-formulated, this is the essence of all isoperimetric inequalities, see

In this talk, we will explore the famous Levy-Gromov isoperimetric inequality, which is a generalisation of this problem to a compact Riemannian manifold with some curvature assumptions. We will follow Gromov’s proof dating back to 1986 and give some physical and mathematical applications.

This talk will be accessible to a wide audience and to students.

Contact,, for more information about this event.

Acquiring subsurface heat flow profiles through thermal modelling to reliably predict deep temperatures for use in geothermal resource exploration

1:00pm to 2:00pm, E245, School of Engineering & Computing Sciences, Aaron Williams

Contact for more information about this event.

Dr Stuart Jesson: Compassion, consolation and the sharing of attention

4:00pm, Seminar Room C, Abbey House, Palace Green

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