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Investigating the effects of volcanoes on climate

Investigating the effects of volcanoes on climate


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Evidence of the Public Good: Sceptical reasoning and public...

IAS Fellow's Public Lecture
Drawing on ethnographic research on processes of decentralization and infrastructural development in the Peruvian Andes, Professor Penny Harvey, University of Manchester, explores how divergent evidential forms, modes of reasoning and analytical procedures are managed to produce adequate grounds for action in the name of the public good.

'Jeremiah Dixon (1733-1779): Artist, Scientist, and Adventurer'

Auckland Castle Lecture Series
Jonathan Peacock, guest curator at The Bowes, will explore the life and legacy of the hugely important local figure, Jeremiah Dixon. Dixon has been largely forgotten in England and, more importantly, in the North East but not only did he survey the present layout of the Park at Auckland Castle for Bishop Egerton in 1772, he lent his name to the Mason-Dixon line, one of America's most famous boundaries and perhaps the best-known line on the planet after the Equator.

DEMOCRASCI – The Value-Free Ideal in Economics Workshop

Organised by Prof Julian Reiss (Durham University) and Prof Stephanie Ruphy (University of Grenoble). The general aim of the project DEMOCRASCI is to map out the principles of a democratised governance of science and explore its possible practical forms, based on a properly contextualised view of the value and aims of science in our democratic societies. ‘The Value-Free Ideal’ brings together researchers from the UK and Taiwan to investigate the practicability and desirability of value-freedom for economic science.

Fuelling your Future: Your chance to find out about Durham's...

You are invited to join our current students at a round table event to meet Luke Garrett, a former graduate of the programme, who now works as a researcher with National Energy Action. We will also be introducing the real life research projects that students will undertake next term on one of the programme's compulsory modules.

Infant Sleep Mobile App

For the latest research on sleep development, sleep location and sleep safety in infants, download our new mobile app for free. Contains a unique bed-sharing decision tool, and a sleep log tool to track babies' sleep. Search for 'infant sleep' on Google Play or the App Store. 

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