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The Importance of our own Past: Research at Durham University

The Importance of our own Past: Research at Durham University

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Dr Giles Gasper explains that by bringing together historians and scientists we are shedding new light on medieval thinking and what it means for scientific learning today.

Training in Energy: Society and Practices

12th February 2018, 10:45 to 16th February 2018, 13:00, Various - see event website

This four and a half day course provides a unique opportunity to access training directly from experts across Durham University and the Energy Sector. Available to people within and outside Durham University. The course brings together leading experts to discuss how to understand energy in society through a focus on energy practices.

From material culture studies to practice theory, from economics to visual studies, we explore the analyses available in the social science and humanities that will be needed to make sense of energy and to change the way we organize energy practices.

With presentations from leading experts at Durham University, this will effectively be a series of master-classes in understanding energy practices in a social context. Each theme is introduced through theoretical discussion and case study examples.

Monday: (10.45am start) Energy practices, gender and impact
Tuesday: Visit to Drax power station
Wednesday: Carbon trading, energy trading, energy and science studies
Thursday: Energy histories, energy vulnerabilities, energy studies theory
Friday (morning only): Ethnographic approaches and visual cultures of energy

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