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The Importance of our own Past: Research at Durham University

The Importance of our own Past: Research at Durham University

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Dr Giles Gasper explains that by bringing together historians and scientists we are shedding new light on medieval thinking and what it means for scientific learning today.

Time Machines: the past, the future, and how stories take us there

27th May 2017, 10:00 to 3rd September 2017, 17:00, Palace Green Library

This exhibition asks, How big is time? And what will the future be like?
The sheer enormity of time is a mind-bending concept - one which humans have always tried to measure and understand. Step through a portal and journey through time as we reveal how advances in science allowed authors to create stories that transport us to the distant past, parallel universes, and future worlds.

See HG Wells’s original manuscript for The Time Machine, unravel other stories which play with time, and find out how stories help us to make sense of time and our place within it.

Palace Green Library, in the heart of Durham city, holds Durham University's outstanding special collections. Our galleries are open to all and display treasures spanning millennia and the globe.


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