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Shedding light on the Universe

Shedding light on the Universe


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'Scott's last expedition: the men who came back'

Antarctica Lunchtime Lecture
Captain Scott’s last expedition is famous and remembered for its failure to reach the South Pole in time and Scott’s own heroic end. However, there is much more to the expedition than tragedy. Paula Williams, Curator of Maps, Mountaineering & Polar Collections at the National Library of Scotland, mined those collections for the fuller story.

The Empty Chair: Sexual Violence and Rape Culture as Global...

Castle Lecture Series 2015/16
Annie E. Clark and Andrea L. Pino Cofounders of EROC (End Rape on Campus)
How many students around the world never become doctors, lawyers, and leaders because their education was interrupted by sexual violence? According to the United Nations, 35% of women worldwide have experienced either sexual or intimate partner violence in their lifetime. In the United States, 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted as university students before they finish their college years

'Mental Illness, Creativity, and the Arts

Ustinov College Cafe des Arts
'Frida is a move about art that is a work of art in itself' so said the American Film Institute when including it in their Moves of the Year for 2002. But Frida, the 2002 Oscar-winning biopic of the surrealist Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, is more than simply a film about art and the artist.

Order, the Universe and Everything: The World of Robert Grosseteste

'Order, the Universe and Everything' introduces the world of the late twelfth- and thirteenth-century polymath Robert Grosseteste. This lecture will trace themes across Grosseteste’s earliest writings, those on the mathematical arts, to his magisterial commentary on the six days of Creation, The Hexaemeron.

Infant Sleep Mobile App

For the latest research on sleep development, sleep location and sleep safety in infants, download our new mobile app for free. Contains a unique bed-sharing decision tool, and a sleep log tool to track babies' sleep. Search for 'infant sleep' on Google Play or the App Store. 

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