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Group of students during their Turing funded opportunity

Thanks to a boost in funding from the UK government’s Turing Scheme, more than 400 of our students will get the life-changing opportunity of working or volunteering abroad in the coming academic year – with around 50 destination countries worldwide to pick from. The programme, which funds international mobility as a means of ‘levelling up’, is helping students of all income groups experience education opportunities in any country they choose.

Supporting widening participation

Our successful funding bid focused on increasing participation from under-represented groups of students. One third of the funding is dedicated to students from underrepresented groups in higher education and we will increase our range of short-term work and study opportunities to support this. In addition, the minimum duration of a Turing Scheme funded opportunity is four weeks, compared with three months under Erasmus+, making international work or study a more accessible option for all. 

The Turing Scheme

The scheme, which replaced the UK’s participation in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme in 2021, aims to address the barriers that prevent some students from travelling abroad for programme of work or study. The award builds on our success over the past academic year, where we supported a range of students in a number of countries, for example studying in Jordan or undertaking short-term global internships in Vietnam.

Our global network

We will work with our global partner universities, research partnerships and organisations as part of the scheme, strengthening our key strategic partnerships and aligning with the UK Government’s post-Brexit vision for a truly Global Britain. 


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