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School of Modern Languages & Cultures

Core Courses: obligatory for all students

1. Research Skills for Translation Studies [MELA44615]

The module focuses on the generic academic and interpersonal skills required to carry out a research project successfully, aiming not only to equip students with such skills but also to reflect critically upon them. The module covers the following areas, among others:

  • using on-line and printed bibliographies to conduct literature searches;
  • presenting bibliographies according to specified citation conventions;
  • preparing and delivering conference papers;
  • the preparation and use of visual aids. 

2. Translation Theory [MELA40430]

The translation theory module is taught for three two-hour lectures per term, in addition to two seminars, and runs over two terms. Starting with the assumption that translation is possible, the course examines various theories of translation and issues in translation, considering questions of text type, target audience of both the original and translation (which may differ in significant respects) translation strategies and general versus language-specific considerations. In each case practical questions of translatability will take precedence. The broad theoretical perspective on translation provided by this course complements the specific Arabic/English orientation of the translation modules. (Module co-ordinator: Dr S Tyulenev).

3. Translation Practica, English>Arabic, Arabic>English translation practica [ARAB40130]

The translation practica provide intensive practice in English>Arabic and Arabic>English translation. The courses are taught for two hours per week -- one hour of Arabic>English translation and one hour of English>Arabic translation -- over two terms of the teaching year in the Department of Arabic (module co-ordinator: Dr A Bellem). The courses are designed to provide translation practice over a wide range of genres (prose fiction, newspaper and magazine articles, academic writing) and subject areas (society, politics, economics, science, everyday life). The English>Arabic translation practica and the Arabic>English translation practica are integrated with one another. The integrated and focused structure of the translation practica modules provides students with a coherent and accessible structure within which to develop their translation competence.

4. Dissertation / Final Translation Project [ARAB40160]

The dissertation is 15,000 words in length and is written over the summer term, following the completion of all taught courses, and should be a theoretical/applied linguistics study relating to Arabic/English translation or translation theory.

Alternatively, students may choose to do a Final Translation Project (English>Arabic or Arabic>English), with the source text being approximately 10,000 words.

Both the Dissertation and the Final Translation Project are to be submitted by the end of the Summer Term.

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