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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences

General Information

Welcome to the next level of your degree! About 1200 undergraduates take modules provided by the department. These pages provide information on the modules offered by the department. You can find information on the department's policies and procedures in the Departmental Handbook.

Information concerning general University regulations, examination procedures, etc are contained in the Faculty Handbook and the University Calendar, which provide the definitive versions of University policy. The Learning and Teaching Handbook contains information about assessment procedures, amongst other things.

You can refer back to these pages when needed, for instance if a prospective employer requires more details of your degree. It's usual for subsequent years to be considered more difficult. Time spent during the vacation reviewing the previous year's work, or in browsing some of the recommended books will be well rewarded.

Term time in Durham is Michaelmas (10 weeks), Epiphany (10 weeks), and Easter (9 weeks). There are 22 teaching weeks, and the last seven weeks are dedicated to private revision, examinations, and registration for the following academic year.

Teaching staff often send you important information by email to your local '' address, so you should scan your mailbox regularly. Note that in October it takes time to sort out groups for tutorials and practicals, so these classes start in week 2.

Please view the module map (under 'Resources') for a summary of module prerequisites. For further details on module availability and prerequisites, see the links below or refer to the Faculty Handbook.

Note that certain introductory mathematics modules from other departments, for example ECON2121, are unsuitable for students on degree programmes offered by the department. Registrations for such modules will not be approved. If you are in doubt about whether such a module will be approved, please contact