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Undergraduate Study

In the Department of Mathematical Sciences, we seek to link education and research in distinctive and creative ways. A significant number of Mathematical Sciences students progress onto higher level study following their degree. Some remain within their academic field of interest and pursue higher level research, notably at Durham but also other prestigious institutions. Others take a different route and pursue postgraduate programmes or employment, in areas from statistics and financial management to conservation and teaching.

Initially we focus on the understanding of proof and on developing students’ ability to construct mathematical arguments as much as on subject content.  Later, students are exposed to advanced mathematical topics directly related to staff research interests, and are introduced to more sophisticated methods of mathematical argument. Solving problems independently is always an important component.

Most teaching consists of lectures supplemented by tutorials, the latter providing an opportunity to raise questions. Some modules have computer practicals and/or mini-projects, enabling you to develop independent skills on bigger problems.  You will be encouraged to work with other students, and to make use of the University's library and computing resources.

Undergraduate Courses

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Attributes gained from a Durham University degree include critical thinking, an analytical approach and ability to reason with information; alongside experience in building relationships and leading teams. These skills are put into daily practice in Professional Services and is why, year on year, we return to Durham University to recruit such talented individuals into our Firm.

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How to apply

Find out more about how to apply.
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Undergraduate courses

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