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Department of Mathematical Sciences: Statistics & Probability Group

The Statistics and Probability Group

The statistics and probability group consists of the following members of staff, with a summary of their main research interests; click on the names for more detailed information about us and our individual research interests.


Michael Goldstein - Bayes (linear) methods, decision theory, foundations, Bayesian methods for software testing, Bayesian analysis of large scale physical systems.
Frank Coolen - Foundations, nonparametric predictive inference, imprecise probability, Bayesian methods, reliability theory, software testing.
Mikhail Menshikov - Markov processes, random walks, processes in random media, percolation.
David Wooff- Bayes linear methods, graphical models, applied statistics, Bayesian methods for software testing.


Ian Jermyn - Shape modelling, spatial statistics, Bayesian estimation theory and algorithms, image processing.

Senior Lecturers

Peter Craig- Statistical computing environments, spatial statistics, applied Bayes methods, uncertainty analysis.
Jochen Einbeck - Local smoothing, principal curves, multi-valued regression, random effect modelling.
Matthias Troffaes - Decision making, uncertainty modelling, imprecise probabilities, dynamic programming, unbounded utility, aggregation, machine learning.
Andrew Wade - Random walks, random structures, interacting particle systems.


Ostap Hryniv - Stochastic modelling and probabilistic analysis of large complex systems, interacting particle systems, polymers, metastability, limit theorems.
Hasanjan Sayit
Ian Vernon

Other Research Staff

Camila Caiado
Jonathan Cumming - Clinical decision support.
Nicholas Georgiou - Probabilistic combinatorics; random structures; random walks.

Graduate Students

Ahmad Aboalkhair 
Iman Al-Hasani
Abdullah Al-Nefaiee
Nashad Auchoybur (part-time)
Loic Cosyn (distance, part-time)
Thomas Dessain
Felicity Evison
Matthew Jones
Antony Lawson
Noryanti Binti Muhamad
Lewis Paton
Benedict Powell
Najla Qarmalah
Mihai Racovitan
Willem Roelofs (part-time)
Hermes da Silva Junior
Doudou Tang
Thomai Tsiftsi

Former members of the group

Pauline Coolen-Schrijner (deceased)
Richard Crossman
Daniel Henderson
Leanna House
John Little
Iain M. MacPhee (deceased)
Umberto Picchini
Jonathan Rougier
Allan Seheult
Vadim Shcherbakov
Daniel Williamson

Former students

Ali Al-Alwan
Faiza Ali
Rebecca Baker
Sulafah Binhimd
Camila Caiado
Laura Dow
Mohamed Elsaeiti
Gavin Hardman
Graeme Hickey
Kirsty Hinchliff
Brett Houlding
Nathan Huntley
Alicia Huntriss
Anesee Ibrahim
Mohammad Jamal-Zadeh
Zakiah Kalantan
Miss Shiler Khedri
Diana Maling
Tahani Maturi
Victoria Montgomery
Daphne Mouzaki
Lisa Müller
Rebecca O'Neil
Rachel Oxlade
Maha Rahrouh
David Randell
Jennifer Richardson
Majid Sarmad
Simon Shaw
Jennifer Smithson
Grace Stirling
James Taylor
Katy Thompson
Daniel Williamson
Andrew Wade
Mohammad Zayed