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Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Statistics and Probability Group

Statistics and Probability Group

The Statistics and Probability research group carries out research in a wide variety of research areas. Our interests range from probability theory, through statistical methodology and computation, to substantive applications in many different fields.

Research Interests


Areas of particular research interest in Statistics include:

  • Bayesian statistics, with specific expertise in Bayes linear methods and uncertainty quantification for computer models;
  • Nonparametric statistics, including smoothing and predictive inference;
  • Statistical modelling of structure, geometry, and shape;
  • Foundations of statistics and decision theory, with specific attention to generalised uncertainty quantification including imprecise probability;
  • Applied statistics for large-scale applications in a wide range of contexts, which include: banking, cosmology, digital commerce, energy, ecotoxicology, food saftey, image and biomolecular data, petroleum and other engineering, reliability, risk assessment, and systems biology.


Areas of particular research interest in Probability include:

  • Stochastic processes and their applications, including Markov processes, random walks, processes in random media, and self-interacting processes.
  • Complex stochastic systems and phase transitions, including random fields, percolation, processes in random environments, polymers, interacting particle systems, and other models inspired by statistical mechanics, biology, chemistry, etc.
  • Random structure and geometrical probability, including random networks, random graphs or hypergraphs, and combinatorial structures constructed on random points in space.