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Department of Mathematical Sciences

Postgraduate Students

Miss Theresa Abl 1CPT 43091 CM328
Mr Abdullah Ahmadini 2S CM135
Ms Iman Al-hasani 5S 42874 CM338
Mr Ahmad Albaity 1S 43091 CM328
Mrs Fatimah Alghamdi 1S 43091 CM328
Mrs Amani Almohaimeed 3S CM119
Mr Michael Appels 4CPT 43072 CM207
Mr Daniel Ballesteros-Chavez 3P 43098 CM127
Mr Tathagata Basu 1S CM116
Mr John Blackman 2P 43054 CM208
Mr Samuel Borza 1P 43091 CM328
Mr Themistoklis Botsas 3S 41514 CM119 Contact Themistoklis Botsas
Mr Junbin Chen 3S CM119
Mr Antonio Cincotti SPOCK Research Student (Yr 4) 41510 CM120
Mr Marcelo Costa 4S 43047 CM334
Mr Loic Cosyns 4S Contact Loic Cosyns
Mr Christopher Curry 4CPT 43072 CM207
Mr David Evans SPOCK Research Student (Yr 4) 41510 CM120
Mr Joseph Farrow 3CPT 43078 CM231b
Mr Philip Glass 3CPT CM133
Mr Ali Hakami 1S 43091 CM328 Contact Ali Hakami
Miss Ting He 3S CM119
Mr Supanat Kamtue 1P 43054 CM208
Mr Daniel Krpelik 1S CM116
Mr Daniel Lewis 1CPT 43091 CM328
Mr Yao Li Visiting PhD Statistics 43046 CM233
Mr Robert Little 3P 43098 CM127
Mr Benjamin Lopez 4S 43047 CM334
Mr Jingxi Luo 4BioM 43078 CM231b
Mr Kieran Macfarlane 1CPT 43091 CM328 Contact Kieran Macfarlane
Mr Ali Mahnashi 2S CM135
Mr Daniel Martin 2CPT CM133
Mr Maciej Matuszewski 4CPT 43078 CM231b
Mr James Mcredmond 3S CM119
Mr Salvatore Mercuri 3P 43098 CM127
Miss Naoko Miyajima 4NA 43046 CM233
Mr Brandon Morrison 2CPT CM133
Mrs Aesha Najem 2S CM135
Miss Nawapon Nakharutai 3S CM119
Mr Nam Nguyen 1CPT 43091 CM328
Mr Matthew Northey 2P 43054 CM208
Mr Jonathan Owen 1S 43091 CM328
Miss Irene Pasquinelli 4P 43054 CM208
Mr Dominic Price 1Comp 43091 CM328
Mr Wanchalerm Promduang 2P 43098 C127
Mr Matthew Renwick 2CPT CM133
Dr Alan Reynolds 4CPT 43072 CM207
Mr Calum Robson 3CPT 43078 CM231b
Mr Daniel Rutter 3CPT 43094 CM335
Miss Lauren Scanlon SPOCK Research Student (Yr 4) 41510 CM120
Mr Andrew Scoins 1CPT 43091 CM328
Mrs Andrea Simkus 1S 43091 CM328
Mr Oliver Singh 1P 43091 CM328
Mr Omar Sosa-rodriguez 4CPT 43072 CM207
Mr Pongwit Srisangyingcharoen 2CPT CM133
Mr Alastair Stewart 2CPT CM133
Mr Raguram Subramaniam 6CPT 43116 CM337
Ms Anna Szumowicz 3P 43098 CM127
Mr Xin Tang 5CPT 43116 CM337
Mr Carlo Vicentini 3S
Ms Clare Wallace 2PR CM133
Mr Timothy Whitbread 3NA 43094 CM335
Mr Xiang Zhao 1CPT 43091 CM328
Mr Vaios Ziogas 5CPT 43116 CM337