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Publication details for Ruth Gregory

Creek, Simon, Gregory, Ruth, Kanti, Panagiota & Mistry, Bina (2006). Braneworld stars and black holes. Classical and Quantum Gravity 23(23): 6633-6657.

Author(s) from Durham


We look for spherically symmetric star or black hole solutions on a Randall–Sundrum brane from the perspective of the bulk. We take a known bulk solution, and analyse possible braneworld trajectories within it that correspond, from the braneworld point of view, to solutions of the brane Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff equations. Our solutions are therefore embedded consistently into a full bulk solution. We find the full set of static gravitating matter sources on a brane in a range of bulk spacetimes, analysing which can correspond to physically sensible sources. Finally, we look at time-dependent trajectories in a Schwarzschild–anti-de Sitter spacetime as possible descriptions of time-dependent braneworld black holes, highlighting some of the general features one might expect, as well as some of the difficulties involved in getting a full solution to the question.