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Publication details for Peter Bowcock

Bristow, Rebecca & Bowcock, Peter (2017). Momentum conserving defects in affine Toda field theories. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(5): 153.

Author(s) from Durham


Type II integrable defects with more than one degree of freedom at the defect are investigated. A condition on the form of the Lagrangian for such defects is found which ensures the existence of a conserved momentum in the presence of the defect. In addition it is shown that for any Lagrangian satisfying this condition, the defect equations of motion, when taken to hold everywhere, can be extended to give a Bäcklund transformation between the bulk theories on either side of the defect. This strongly suggests that such systems are integrable. Momentum conserving defects and Bäcklund transformations for affine Toda field theories based on the An, Bn, Cn and Dn series of Lie algebras are found. The defect associated with the D4 affine Toda field theory is examined in more detail. In particular classical time delays for solitons passing through the defect are calculated.