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Closset, Cyril, Del Zotto, Michele & Saxena, Vivek (2019). Five-dimensional SCFTs and gauge theory phases: an M-theory/type IIA perspective. SciPost Physics 6(5): 052.

Author(s) from Durham


We revisit the correspondence between Calabi-Yau (CY) threefold isolated singularities
X and five-dimensional superconformal field theories (SCFTs), which arise at low energy
in M-theory on the space-time transverse to X. Focussing on the case of toric CY
singularities, we analyze the “gauge-theory phases” of the SCFT by exploiting fiberwise
M-theory/type IIA duality. In this setup, the low-energy gauge group simply arises on
stacks of coincident D6-branes wrapping 2-cycles in some ALE space of type AM􀀀1 fibered
over a real line, and the map between the Kähler parameters of X and the Coulomb
branch parameters of the field theory (masses and VEVs) can be read off systematically.
Different type IIA “reductions” give rise to different gauge theory phases, whose existence
depends on the particular (partial) resolutions of the isolated singularity X. We
also comment on the case of non-isolated toric singularities. Incidentally, we propose
a slightly modified expression for the Coulomb-branch prepotential of 5d N = 1 gauge