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Publication details for Professor Steven Abel

Abel, Steven & Dondi, Nicola Andrea (2019). UV completion on the worldline. Journal of High Energy Physics 2019(7): 90.

Author(s) from Durham


A framework for UV completing particle theories is proposed, based on the
worldline formalism, which is equivalent to weighting all sums over histories with a propertime
dependent measure that has a smallest proper-time. We deduce a criterion to avoid
ghosts, and nd that the ghost-free theories have the (string-theory inspired) in nitederivative
model of Siegel as a special case, but represent a signi cant generalisation.
Generically, the UV of such theories is dominated by a saddle-point in the proper-time,
leading to simpli cation in the computation of amplitudes. We focus on a particularly
attractive option which is to mimic the regulating properties of modular invariance with a
worldline \inversion symmetry".