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Publication details for Balt van Rees

Beem, Christopher, Rastelli, Leonardo & van Rees, Balt C. (2013). N=4Superconformal Bootstrap. Physical Review Letters 111(7): 071601.

Author(s) from Durham


We implement the conformal bootstrap for N=4 superconformal field theories in four dimensions. Consistency of the four-point function of the stress-energy tensor multiplet imposes significant upper bounds for the scaling dimensions of unprotected local operators as functions of the central charge of the theory. At the threshold of exclusion, a particular operator spectrum appears to be singled out by the bootstrap constraints. For large values of the central charge, this extremal spectrum is compatible with that of supergravity in AdS_5 x S^5. For finite central charge, we conjecture that the extremal spectrum is that of N=4 SYM at an S-duality invariant value of the complexified gauge coupling.