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Publication details for Balt van Rees

Beem, Christopher, Rastelli, Leonardo & van Rees, Balt C. (2015). W symmetry in six dimensions. Journal of High Energy Physics 2015(05): 017.

Author(s) from Durham


Six-dimensional conformal field theories with p2, 0q supersymmetry are shown
to possess a protected sector of operators and observables that are isomorphic to a twodimensional
chiral algebra. We argue that the chiral algebra associated to a p2, 0q theory
labelled by the simply-laced Lie algebra g is precisely the W algebra of type g, for a specific
value of the central charge. Simple examples of observables that are made accessible by
this correspondence are the three-point functions of half-BPS operators. For the An series,
we compare our results at large n to those obtained using the holographic dual description
and find perfect agreement. We further find protected chiral algebras that appear on the
worldvolumes of codimension two defects in p2, 0q SCFTs. This construction has likely
implications for understanding the microscopic origin of the AGT correspondence.