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Publication details for Balt van Rees

Beem, C., Lemos, M., Liendo, P., Rastelli, L. & van Rees, B.C. (2016). The N=2 superconformal bootstrap. Journal of High Energy Physics 2016(3): 183.

Author(s) from Durham


In this work we initiate the conformal bootstrap program for N=2N=2 super-conformal field theories in four dimensions. We promote an abstract operator-algebraic viewpoint in order to unify the description of Lagrangian and non-Lagrangian theories, and formulate various conjectures concerning the landscape of theories. We analyze in detail the four-point functions of flavor symmetry current multiplets and of N=2N=2 chiral operators. For both correlation functions we review the solution of the superconformal Ward identities and describe their superconformal block decompositions. This provides the foundation for an extensive numerical analysis discussed in the second half of the paper. We find a large number of constraints for operator dimensions, OPE coefficients, and central charges that must hold for any N=2N=2 superconformal field theory.