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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Publication details for Alexander Stasinski

Stasinski, A. (2017), Representations of GL_N over finite local principal ideal rings: an overview, in Brumley, Farrell, Gómez Aparicio, Maria Paula & Mínguez, Alberto eds, Contemporary Mathematics 691: Around Langlands Correspondences. Paris, France, American Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island, 337-358.

Author(s) from Durham


We give a survey of the representation theory of GLN over finite
local principal ideal rings via Clifford theory, with an emphasis on the construction
of regular representations. We review results of Shintani and Hill,
and the generalisation of Takase. We then summarise the main features, with
some details but without proofs, of the recent constructions of regular representations
due to Krakovski–Onn–Singla and Stasinski–Stevens, respectively.