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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


This week's seminars

Geometry and Topology Seminar: Equivariant Khovanov homotopy type

Presented by Wojciech Politarczyk, Warsaw

14 February 2019 13:00 in CM301

Lipshitz and Sarkar associated to any link L in the
3-sphere a certain prespectrum X_{Kh}(L) whose stable
homotopy type is a link invariant.
Moreover, the reduced cohomology of X_{Kh}(L) is
isomorphic to the Khovanov homology of L.
A link L may admit nontrivial symmetries, hence a natural
question to ask is whether these symmetries can be lifted to
It turns out that in the case of rotational symmetries such a lift
exists and equips X_{Kh}(L) with a group action.
The purpose of this talk is to discuss consequences of the
existence of the group action on X_{Kh}(L) induced
by the symmetry of L.
In particular, by studying the fixed points of the action we will
obtain a nontrivial relation between the Khovanov homology of a
periodic link and the Khovanov homology of the quotient link.
If time permits, we will also sketch the construction of the group

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