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Department of Mathematical Sciences


This week's seminars

Maths HEP Lunchtime Seminars: The Eight field way

Presented by Shlomo Razamat , Technion

2 March 2018 13:00 in CM221

We study compactifications of the 6d E-string theory, the theory of a small E_8 instanton, to four dimensions. In particular we identify N=1 field theories in four dimensions corresponding to compactifications on arbitrary Riemann surfaces with punctures and with arbitrary non-abelian flat connections as well as fluxes for the abelian sub-groups of the E_8 flavor symmetry. This sheds light on emergent symmetries in a number of 4d N=1 SCFTs (including the `E7 surprise' theory) as well as leads to new predictions for a large number of 4-dimensional exceptional dualities and symmetries. We also will mention some of the field theories obtained by compactifying other six dimensional theories (ADE conformal matter) on a torus with flux.

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