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Department of Mathematical Sciences


This week's seminars

Computing Seminars/Talks: Linux: What Academics Need To Know

Presented by Brandon Morrison, University of Durham

15 November 2017 15:00 in CM221

I will provide an introduction to Linux, including information on developing advanced skills with the Linux system that can be utilized on any distribution. I will then detail some real-life senarios that happened to Durham students, and how Linux was utilized to quickly and easily provide a solution. I will then detail some security related issues and solutions that all academics should know given the security threats facing academia today. Using the information in the talk, which will provide guided outside work, any attendee will quickly have competency in Linux, including more advanced command-line functions.

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This series of talks/seminars has the intention of sharing some practical computing skills in the department.

The talks are primarily aimed at PhD students in the early part of their PhDs, though they might also be of interest to students further through their PhDs and perhaps even others in the department. The idea is for older PhD students, and maybe other researchers, to share some tips and techniques that they’ve learnt from their own research in whichever software tools they use. It is hoped that this way we can share some useful tips and techniques and avoid new researchers having to spend a long time googling for ways to solve some common problems.

Supplementary files for these talks can be found here.

Research Seminars by Series

The research groups in the Department of Mathematical Sciences hold several seminar series in term time. Information on date, time and location are available here.

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