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Department of Mathematical Sciences


Ian Hyla Jermyn

Associate Professor (Reader), Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43106
Room number: CM303

Contact Ian Hyla Jermyn (email at


Research Groups

  • Applied Mathematics: Biomathematics
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Statistics and Probability: Statistics

Research Interests

  • Statistical modelling of shape and geometric structure
  • Computer vision, image processing, and other applications
  • Bayesian statistics


Journal Article

Chapter in book

  • Kurtek, S., Jermyn, I. H., Xie, Q. & Klassen, E. (2016). Elastic shape analysis of surfaces and images. In Riemannian Computing in Computer Vision. Turaga, Pavan K. & Srivastava, Anuj Springer. 257-277.
  • Jermyn, Ian H. (2013). Shape as an emergent property. In Shape Perception in Human and Computer Vision: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Dickinson, S. J. & Pizlo, Z. London: Springer. 187-199.
  • X. Descombes & I.H. Jermyn (2010). Detection and recognition of a collection of objects in a scene. In Inverse Problems in Vision and 3D Tomography. A. Mohammad-Djafari ISTE, Wiley.

Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

  • Peng, T., Jermyn, I.H., Prinet, V. & Zerubia, J. (2008). Extraction of main and secondary roads in VHR images using a higher-order phase field model. XXIst ISPRS Congress Technical Commission III, Beijing, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
  • Bhattacharya, A., Roux, M., Maitre, H., Jermyn, I.H., Descombes, X. & Zerubia, J. (2008). Indexing of mid-resolution satellite images with structural attributes. XXIst ISPRS Congress, Technical Commission IVational Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Beijing, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
  • A. El Ghoul, I.H. Jermyn & J. Zerubia (2008). Phase diagram of a higher-order active contour energy: the case of a long bar. Proc. Reconnaissance des formes et Intelligence Artificielle, Amiens, France.
  • Ian H. Jermyn (2008). Phase field higher-order active contours for object extraction from remote sensing images. Proc. European Space Agency/European Union Satellite Centre Conference on Image Information Mining, Madrid, Spain.