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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


Publication details for Kasper Peeters

Bain P., Peeters, K. & Zamaklar, M. (2003). D-branes in a plane wave from covariant open strings. Physical Review D 67(6): 066001.

Author(s) from Durham


We derive boundary conditions for the covariant open string corresponding to D-branes in an Hpp-wave by requiring kappa-symmetry of its bulk action. Both half-supersymmetric and quarter-supersymmetric branes are seen to arise in this way, and the analysis furthermore agrees fully with the existing probe brane and supergravity computations. We elaborate on the origin of dynamical and kinematical supersymmetries from the covariant point of view. In particular we focus on the D-string which only preserves half of the dynamical supersymmetries and none of the kinematical ones. We discuss its origin in AdS5×S5 and its world-volume spectrum.