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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


Publication details for Dr John Bolton

Bolton, John. & Vrancken, Luc. (2009). Transforms for minimal surfaces in the 5-sphere. Differential Geometry and its Applications 27(1): 34-46

Author(s) from Durham


We define two transforms between minimal surfaces with non-circular ellipse of curvature in the 5-sphere, and show how this enables us to construct, from one such surface, a sequence of such surfaces. We also use the transforms to show how to associate to such a surface a corresponding ruled minimal Lagrangian submanifold of complex projective 3-space, which gives the converse of a construction considered in a previous paper, and illustrate this explicitly in the case of bipolar minimal surfaces.


This paper is posted on the Durham eprints server. Acceptance in `Differential Geometry and its Applications' is expected soon.