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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


Publication details for Ian Vernon

Davis, Anne-Christine. Rhodes, Christophe. & Vernon, Ian R. (2001). Branes on the Horizon. Journal of High Energy Physics 11: 015.

Author(s) from Durham


Models with extra dimensions are often invoked to resolve cosmological problems. We investigate the possibility of apparent acausality as seen by a brane-based observer resulting from signal propagation through the extra dimensions. Null geodesics are first computed in static and cosmological single-brane models, following which we derive the equations of motion for the inter-brane distance in a two-brane scenario, which we use to examine possible acausality in this more complex setup. Despite observing significant effective acausality in some situations there is no a priori solution to the horizon problem using this mechanism. In the two-brane scenario there can be significant late time violation of gravitational Lorentz invariance, resulting in the gravitational horizon being larger than the particle horizon, leading to potential signals in gravitational wave detectors.