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Department of Mathematical Sciences


Dr John Bissell

Research Associate in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Research Associate in Tipping Points Research Project

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Research Interests: Applied Mathematics

My current research lies mainly in continuum mechanics and stability, with particular application to so-called `tipping point’ systems, that is, systems which undergo transitions between markedly different states following small changes to key parameters. Present interests include:

  • Thermal convection and buoyancy driven instabilities in fluids
  • Hydromagnetics
  • Non-linear waves (particularly discontinuity waves)
  • Behavioural transmission dynamics as epidemics
  • Pedestrian flow and crowd dynamics

This work takes place in the context of a broader interdisciplinary Tipping Points grant held by the Institute for Hazard, Risk and Resilience.

Research Interests: Theoretical Plasma Physics

In addition to my research on `tipping points' in applied mathematics, I also work on related problems in theoretical plasma physics. In this area I focus on:

  • Electromagnetic instability (especially magnetothermal instability)
  • Collisional transport theory and magnetic field dynamics
  • Computational modelling of transport with coupled magnetohydrodynamics

To this end I continue to collaborate with academics at both Imperial College London (where I took my Ph.D.) and the University of Oxford.

Teaching: Laplace Transforms and Multiple Integrals (Michaelmas Term 2013)

This year I am lecturing the second-year undergraduate engineering course "Laplace Transforms and Multiple Integrals" (confusingly part of the Numerical Methods series, 2H Engineering). Sets of outline notes will be posted on this page (below) in advance of lectures, while solutions to the problem sheet will be made available at the end of term:

Students: Please advise me of errors. If I correct the notes, then revisions will be uploaded throughout term.

Research Groups

  • Computational Applied Mathematics

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