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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Applied Mathematics Seminars: Highly relativistic galaxies are unstable

Presented by Mahir Hadzic, King's College London

9 March 2018 14:00 in CM219

We describe a systematic approach to (linear) instability theory for steady galaxies and stars as described by the Einstein-Vlasov and Einstein-Euler system respectively. One of the several outcomes of our analysis is a statement that galaxies with high central redshifts are dynamically unstable. This is a joint work with Zhiwu Lin (GeorgiaTech) and Gerhard Rein (Bayreuth).

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This seminar series is the continuation of the Numerical Analysis Seminar series that ran until August 2016. This change of name reflects the broader interests of the Applied Mathematics group (note that the Mathematical and Theoretical Particle Physics group also has a seminar series).