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Stats4Grads: Controls on the geometry of foreshore platforms: a statistical study of the North Yorkshire coast

Presented by Zuzanna Swirad, Department of Geography, Durham University

20 January 2016 13:00 in CM105

Foreshore platforms are semi-horizontal rock surfaces backed by coastal cliffs. Numerous studies have focused on identifying relationships between platform geometry (width, elevation and gradient) and wave intensity, rock strength and structure. However, those approximations are based on simplified models of relationships between geomorphology, geology and wave action. These therefore lack sufficient spatial resolution and coverage to enable predictive analyses of likely response of a coast to predicted changes in marine conditions (sea level and wave intensity). Here, I present a systematic study of a 4 km coastline of Staithes, North Yorkshire, based on high-resolution point cloud (ca. 100 points/m2) and ortho-photographs (pixel size ca. 0.03 m) obtained with airborne LiDAR. I represent the coast as a series of densely-spaced (25 m) and resampled (0.2 m) cross-sections normal to the coastline and link their morphometric characteristics to the spatial variability in rock properties and marine action. Statistical analysis enables the identification of key controls on platform geometry and assessment of relative roles of geological and marine factors in shaping rocky coasts.

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