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Arithmetic Study Group: Modular forms generating the kernel of Shimura's lift and their meromorphic analogues

Presented by Paloma Bengoechea, University of York

2 December 2014 14:00 in CM103

The family of holomorphic modular forms defined as sums of -k (k>2) powers of integral quadratic polynomials with positive fixed discriminant was introduced by Zagier in 1975 in connection with the Doi-Naganuma lifting between elliptic modular forms and Hilbert modular forms. Several interesting aspects of these modular forms emerged later, in work of Kohnen--Zagier, and recently Bringmann. I will talk about this.
If we consider the same sums with negative discriminants, we obtain meromorphic modular forms, which in several ways are analogues to Zagier's. I will talk about these meromorphic modular forms, particularly their meromorphic part.

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