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Pure Maths Colloquium: Thresholds, Multiplier and Test ideals of determinantal objects.

Presented by Ines Henriques, University of Sheffield

17 November 2014 16:00 in CM221

Test ideals first appeared in the theory of tight closure, and reflect the singularities of a ring of positive characteristic. Motivated by their close connection to multiplier ideals in characteristic zero, N. Hara and K. Yoshida defined generalized test ideals as their characteristic p analogue.

Whereas multiplier ideals are defined geometrically, using log resolutions, or even analytically, using integration, test ideals are defined algebraically using the Frobenius morphism.

We will consider ideals generated by minors of a matrix in a polynomial ring over a field. Using an algebraic approach, we will give a complete description of their F-thresholds and generalized test ideals."
A result of Hara and Yoshida, will allow us to deduce a description of their log canonical thresholds and multiplier ideals.

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