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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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On this page you can find information about seminars in this and previous academic years, where available on the database.

Biomathematics Seminar: Influence of electromagnetic field on soliton mediated charge transport in macromolecules

Presented by Larysa Bryzhyk, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kiev, Ukraine,COFUND fellow, IAS, Durham

11 March 2014 14:00 in Department of Mathematical Sciences

A short review of the soliton mechanism of charge transport in macromolecules will be given. Such solitons describe bound states of electrons and local distortions of alpha-helical macromolecules, and can be responsible for the charge transport accompanying metabolism of living organisms. Within this mechanism I will demonstrate that external electromagnetic field has a resonant effect on soliton dynamics. At certain frequencies solitons can be dissociated, and at another frequencies their dynamics qualitatively changes. I will also discuss ratchet dynamics of solitons, i.e., drift of solitons, induced by the external electromagnetic field. These results put some light on the resonant non-thermal biological effects of oscillating fields.

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