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Informal HEP Journal club: Entanglement in Extremal Reissner-Nordstrom AdS

Presented by Sebastian Fischetti , UCSB

18 November 2013 13:00 in CM219

We holographically study the entanglement between two CFTs in a thermofield double state at nonzero chemical potential by studying the behavior of the thermo-mutual information and two-point correlators of scalar operators. In the bulk, this entanglement corresponds to entanglement between the two exterior regions of a Reissner-Nordstrom AdS black hole. In particular, in the zero-temperature limit the entropy density of the black hole remains finite, while neutral correlators and the mutual informations of the finite regions vanish. However, we find that the correlators of electrically charged scalar operators can be made to remain finite. We also find that in the zero-temperature limit, the time evolution of the thermo-mutual information and the charged correlators becomes trivial.

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