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Informal HEP Journal club: Superconformal Yang-Mills quantum mechanics and Calogero model with OSp(N|2,R) symmetry

Presented by Sungmoon Ko, Centre for Quantum Spacetime, Sogang University, Seoul

15 August 2013 13:30 in CM105

In spacetime dimension two, pure Yang-Mills possesses no physical degrees of freedom, and consequently it admits a supersymmetric extension to couple to an arbitrary number, N say, of Majorana-Weyl gauginos. This results in (N,0) super Yang-Mills. Further, its dimensional reduction to mechanics doubles the number of supersymmetries, from N to N+N, to include conformal supercharges, and leads to a superconformal Yang-Mills quantum mechanics with symmetry group OSp(N|2,R). We comment on its connection to AdS_2 \times S^{N-1} and reduction to a supersymmetric Calogero model.

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