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Statistics Seminars: Vertex-reinforced jump processes

Presented by Stanislav Volkov,

25 January 2002 14:00 in CM221

"Vertex-reinforced jump process (VRJP) is a natural extension of Vertex-reinforced random walk (VRRW) to continuous time. Both of them are the examples of "nostalgic" processes, which are more likely to go to a vertex already visited before.
During the first half of the talk I am going to describe some of the reinforced processes present "on the market", and to outline the history of study of these processes, which started with the work of Coppersmith and Diaconis (1987). It should be noted that they, as well as many subsequent authors, studied edge-reinforced random walk (with the most recent work of Durrett, Kesten, and Limic (2001)). VRRW is due to Pemantle (1992), and VRJP was probably first conceived by Werner a few years ago.
The second half of the talk will be devoted solely to the VRJP and the comparison of VRJP to other reinforced process. This is a joint work of Burgess Davis and myself. "

"Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol"

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