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On this page you can find information about seminars in this and previous academic years, where available on the database.

Centre for Particle Theory Colloquia: Anatomical modelling of electrical and mechanical function of the heart

Presented by Sasha Panfilov, University of Utrecht, Theoretical Biology

19 January 2010 16:15 in Calman Learning Center, CLC203

Cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death accounting for about 1 death in 10 in industrialized countries. Although cardiac arrhythmias has been studied for well over a century, their underlying mechanisms remain largely unknown. One of the main problems in studies of cardiac arrhythmias is that they occur at the level of the whole organ only, while in most of the cases only single cell experiments can be performed. Due to these limitations alternative approaches such as mathematical modeling are of great
interest. From mathematical point of view excitation of the heart is
described by a system of non-linear parabolic PDEs of the reaction
diffusion type with anisotropic diffusion operator. Cardiac
arrhythmias correspond to the solutions of these equations in form of 2D or 3D vortices characterized by their filaments. In my talk I will present a basic introduction to cardiac modeling and mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and briefly report on main directions
of our research, such as development of virtual human heart model, modeling mechano-electric feedback in the heart using reaction-diffusion mechanics systems and filament dynamics in anisotropic cardiac tissue.

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Coffee and biscuits at 15:30 in CM 211 (Maths Coffee Room).