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On this page you can find information about seminars in this and previous academic years, where available on the database.

Maths HEP Lunchtime Seminars: Instability and new phases of higher-dimensional rotating black holes

Presented by Ricardo Monteiro, DAMTP Cambridge

23 October 2009 13:00 in CM221

It has been conjectured that higher-dimensional rotating black
holes become unstable at a sufficiently large value of the rotation, and
that new black holes with pinched horizons appear at the threshold of the
instability. I will describe numerical work where this threshold is found
for Myers-Perry black holes with a single spin. The instability sets in
precisely at the rotation for which the second derivative of the entropy
with respect to the angular momentum, at fixed mass, vanishes. We
conjecture that this can be extended to predict ultraspinning instabilities
in more generality, and connect this criterium with the issue of local
thermodynamic stability.

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