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Stats4Grads: Nonparametric predictive precedence testing for two groups

Presented by Tahani Maturi, Durham University

20 February 2008 13:00 in CM105

In this talk interval probabilities are used in statistical methods for
comparison of two groups based on nonparametric predictive inference (NPI).
NPI is a statistical approach based on few assumptions about probability
distributions, with inferences based on data. NPI assumes exchangeability of
random quantities, both related to observed data and future observations, and
uncertainty is quantified via lower and upper probabilities. Lifetimes of
units from groups X and Y are compared, based on observed lifetimes from an
experiment that may have ended before all units had failed. We present upper
and lower probabilities for the event that the lifetime of a future unit from
X is less than the lifetime of a future unit from Y, and we compare this
approach with traditional precedence testing.

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