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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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On this page you can find information about seminars in this and previous academic years, where available on the database.

Pure Maths Colloquium: Kaehler-Ricci flow : from infinite to finite dimensional approach

Presented by Julien Keller, Imperial College London

10 December 2007 16:15 in CM221

In complex geometry, the Kaehler-Ricci flow is a powerful tool
to study the existence of Kaehler-Einstein metrics or more generally
Kaehler-Ricci solitons. I will discuss how one can think of the Kaehler-Ricci
flow in terms of balanced metrics. Balanced metrics are canonical algebraic
metrics obtained from a G.I.T construction. In the case of toric Fano
manifolds, we obtain a simple algorithm to compute an approximation of the
Kaehler-Ricci soliton. For manifolds with negative first Chern class, our
algorithm is related to the work of H. Tsuji.

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