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Durham University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


Geometry and Topology Seminar: On right-angled polygons in hyperbolic space

Presented by Simon Drewitz, Fribourg

17 January 2019 13:00 in CM301

Motivated by a recent work of Delgove and Retailleau on right-angled hexagons in hyperbolic 5-space, we will discuss right-angled polygons in hyperbolic spaces of arbitrary dimension. Clifford algebras will be used to model hyperbolic space with its isometries and to exploit cross-ratios in higher dimensional hyperbolic spaces. This will allow the generalisation of the aforementioned work in order to present an algorithm to construct a p-gon given by p-3 Clifford vectors. This is joint work with Edoardo Dotti.

Contact Andrew Lobb or Mark Powell for more information