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Department of Mathematical Sciences

Pascal Lecture 2015

Professor Dimitri Petritis (Rennes)

"Gambling with classical or quantum dice: a guided tour from classical probability to quantum channels"

6 May 2015, 11:00am, CM101

Abstract: Starting from a simple example (sharp gambles with a classical dice) we shall describe progressively more involved systems (like unsharp gambles with classical dice and hidden Markov chains). Then a physical experiment showing the insufficiency of classical probability to describe Nature will be explained and the notion of quantum probability and of repeated unsharp quantum measurements will be introduced. We shall conclude with a limit theorem concerning repeated quantum measurements.


Dimitri Petritis is based at the Université de Rennes. He joined the Institut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes there in 1989, and since 2008 has held the position of `Professor of exceptional class'. Dimitri's research is broadly concerned with uncertainty and randomness in physical systems, in the context of probability theory, ergodic theory, mathematical physics, and information theory. Dimitri received his Ph.D. from École Polytechnique on `Zero Mass Effects in Quantum Field Theory' (1984). His subsequent research has focused on statistical mechanics and stochastic processes, with recent work concerning queueing systems and processes in disordered media. Other interests include classical and quantum information, and mathematical biology. Dimitri has held a number of visiting professor positions around the world, and has supervised a number of doctoral students.