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Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Biomathematics Research Group

The Biomathematics group is a newly formed group within the Department of Mathematical Sciences, whose members are in close scientific contact and collaboration with researchers belonging to the Biophysical Sciences Institute in Durham. The Institute draws its members from the Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Psychology Departments.

Mathematics plays a privileged and essential role in such collaborations, as it provides a framework within which one attempts to organise the plethora of data biologists are now able to collect, thanks to the nanotechnology revolution. It underlies the construction of a new generation of models, where ideas from physics and chemistry are incorporated in order to describe many biological processes in a way that predictions can be made.

The group's research focuses on dynamical processes within the cell, the structure and assembly of viral particles and the modelling of protein and viral capsids vibrations. Other interests involve the modelling of intracellular chemical reaction networks as stochastic processes, applying Bayesian inference to the rate constants of such reaction networks, and the adaptation of deterministic computer model calibration techniques to the stochastic case, in view of applying them to systems biology models. 

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