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Liberal Arts

Freshers 2017

Congratulations and Welcome

Many congratulations on securing a place in Liberal Arts at Durham University. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the University, and to supporting your studies in the Liberal Arts programme over the coming three or four years.

The Liberal Arts programme enables you to design your own degree, through combining modules in two, three, or even four subjects. In the light of the flexibility of this programme, it is very unlikely that any two students will complete their degrees by taking exactly the same combination of modules, and we aim to treat every Liberal Arts student as an individual. We are very proud of the achievements of our students, in each of their departments, in their colleges, and in the University as a whole, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Liberal Arts community.

Enrol online

Enrolment opens eight weeks before the start of your programme. After your acceptance has been processed you will receive two email messages from which provide:

  • Your Computing and Information Services (CIS) username
  • How to derive your CIS password and guidance on how to access the system

The messages are sent 24 hours apart and are sent to the email address you provided when you applied so it’s important to let us know of any changes to this information by contacting the Student Records Team at You may also need to monitor your spam folders to see if the messages have arrived there.

After you have received both emails you will need to:

  • Change your password
  • Log into Durham University Online – duo
  • Choose the “Banner Self Service” link in duo under “External Tools”
  • Choose Registration and Enrolment
  • Enrol with the University
  • Upload a photograph for your campus card

Completing Enrolment will give you access to your personal email address and access to view information from your department and college in duo.

Module Registration

Module registration is a three stage process which includes:

  • Selection of modules
  • Approval of modules
  • Approval of overall module selection

The first stage is where you confirm your programme of study and choose your modules. The second stage of the process is where department(s) approve your choice of modules. The third stage is where the Liberal Arts Office approves your overall module selection. More information on module registration can be found at:

You will also receive further guidance on module choice via email and the Liberal Arts Freshers duo site in August and September.


You will receive the following shortly after you have confirmed your place at Durham:

• an email from the Director of Liberal Arts

• two emails from the University, informing you of your username and password

You should find the following in the Liberal Arts Freshers Site in DUO:

• guidance on researching your choice of modules

• an electronic version of the Liberal Arts Handbook

• any information supplied to us by departments

Your first week in Durham - Induction Timetable

Induction Week includes many different kinds of activities, at the departmental, college, and university level, and the scheduling of these activities is designed to ensure that as many of them as possible are compatible with one another. Use the University Online Planner to personalise your Induction Week activities.

You are required to attend two presentations relating to Liberal Arts

• Liberal Arts Induction Session 1 on Monday, 1.00-2.00, Elvet Riverside 141

• Liberal Arts Induction Session 2 on Thursday, 9.00-10.30, Elvet Riverside 141

On the Thursday and Friday departmental sessions will be held which introduce Liberal Arts students to a subject as 'an academic community of practice' and explain what will be required of them in studying the subject.

You might also want to attend any other departmental sessions which fit with your timetable.

Contact Information

If you have questions about Liberal Arts, the enrolment and registration process, or your commitments in Induction Week, to which you cannot find the answers here or in the Liberal Arts Freshers Site in DUO, please feel free to contact the Liberal Arts Office:


phone: 0191 3343017