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What our students say


The Liberal Arts course was basically everything I could ever dream of. It offered the perfect degree of flexibility which allowed me to pursue my study in my own way. In my time at Durham, I studied Philosophy and Japanese and I was able to study abroad at a fantastic University in Japan, which was definitely an intellectually and culturally enriching experience.

Juliet Zhang
Former Liberal Arts student
I spent my third year in Spain, working in Madrid and Barcelona, and I have completed several internships with major companies, in the UK and Hong Kong, in preparation for my future career in management consulting. Every person is unique, and so is the programme of study undertaken by each and every student who is taking this programme.

Jennifer Chan
Former Liberal Arts Student
The programme allowed me the opportunity to undertake a year abroad working in Barcelona and Cãrdoba in Spain, as well as to spend a summer volunteering and travelling in Peru. This provided me with a wealth of experience which has helped me to gain graduate employment as an English teacher, a job that I will begin after a year out teaching English in Spain.

Emma Sankey
Former Liberal Arts Student
My undergraduate studies were divided between Philosophy, Politics and History. Whilst the luxury of the programme is the ability to navigate amongst interests that might otherwise be disconnected, I have found that my subjects were largely complementary and, crucially, they provided new avenues of enquiry.

Angelina Bishman
Former Liberal Arts Student
Palace Green Library

What’s it like studying Liberal Arts

Amy Nugent studies Liberal Arts at Durham University. In her blog post she explains why she chose Liberal Arts, how flexible the programme is and what she loves most about it.

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The programme is highly flexible, and offers both breadth and depth, in that it enables students to follow their interests across subject areas while providing the opportunity for greater specialisation within each subject. My programme of study reflected who I am, as an individual, and challenged me to think critically beyond traditional boundaries. Through the programme, I acquired the knowledge and skills which have laid the foundation for my postgraduate studies.

Alicia Chong
Former Liberal Arts Student
My programme of study at Durham allowed me to study flexibly and pursue my interests, and it encouraged me to think in an interdisciplinary manner. My Year Abroad, in which I studied at the University of Limoges for some months and then interned with Air France, was integral in developing my confidence and independence. After Durham, I hope to complete a master's degree in public policy and go on to a career in social policy research.

Aarti Shankar
Former Liberal Arts Student
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