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Durham Law School

Staff Profiles

Mr Daniel Lowe

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Biography / Current Research


Daniel completed his B.A (HONS) in Law with History at Keele University in 2005 and was awarded a scholarship to undertake an M.Phil in Law at the same institution the following year. His thesis, completed in 2008, was entitled: 'Universal human rights: a defence'. With this Daniel provided a normative justification of the foundations of human rights and defended human rights approaches against charges of parochialism, utopianism, and speciesism.

Current Research

Daniel is currently undertaking a PhD in Law at Durham University on a Graduate Teaching Scholarship. His project, entitled: 'Actualising universal human rights: an examination of the right to health', undertakes a thorough examination of the theory of the right to health as a means of assessing the ultimate realisability of human rights. In essence, the primary aim of this thesis is to re-consider the theoretical nature of rights in order to question whether normative universal application is truly achievable. In addition to his research and teaching roles, Daniel is also Co-Deputy Convenor for the Human Rights Research Centre (HRC).

Teaching Areas

Daniel currently leads tutorials in two undergraduate modules;

i) The Individual and the State

ii) International Human Rights

Research Interests

International Human Rights

The Philosophy of Rights


International Law

Public Law



Conference Papers:

Lowe, Daniel, 2007. 'Human Rights as the Completion of Nature: a Nietzchean approach' (Keele University, ILPJ Conference)

Lowe, Daniel, 2012. 'Actualising Universal Human Rights' (Durham University, HRC Conference Paper)

Lowe, Daniel, 2013 ‘A Human Right to Health; Theory in Practice’ (Durham University, CELLS Conference Paper)

Is supervised by