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Professor Michael Bohlander - all publications

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  • Bohlander, Michael. (2004). Review of Robert W. Bennett, Talking it Through - Puzzles of American Democracy. Swiss Political Science Review 125.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2001). Regular book reviews on works from the fields on international and comparative criminal justice since 2001. International Criminal Law Review

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  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Nullum crimen sine poena – Zur Unberechenbarkeit völkerstrafrechtlicher Lehrenbildung. In Freiheitsverluste im Recht. Alwart, Heiner Mohr Siebeck.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Transfer of Defences. In General Defences in Criminal Law - Domestic and Comparative Perspectives. Reed, Alan & Bohlander, Michael Ashgate.
  • Bohlander, Michael & Akçam, Taner (2013). Echoes of the Genocide – Reflections on Turkey’s Treatment of Armenian Property Rights. In Festschrift in Honour of Giuliana Capaldo. Oriolo, Anna & Vigorito, Anna OUP. 267 - 292.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2013). Volver a Radbruch - La necesidad de retomar de raíz el diálogo entre common law y Derecho continental, en atención al ejemplo de la justicia penal internacional. In Diálogo Jurisprudencial entre Tribunales Constitucionales y Cortes Internacionales. Herrera García, Alfonso & Ferrer Mac-Gregor, Eduardo Tirant lo Blanch.
  • Reed, Alan. & Bohlander, Michael. (2011). Introduction. In Loss of Control and Diminished Responsibility: Domestic, Comparative and International Perspectives. Reed, Alan. & Bohlander, Michael. Farnham, Surrey Ashgate. 1-8.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2011). Separation of Powers and the International Judiciary – A vision of institutional judicial independence in international law. In Culture of Judicial Independence: Conceptual Foundations and Practical Challenges. Shetreet, S. & Forsyth, C. Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2011). When the bough breaks – Defences and sentencing options available in battered-women and similar scenarios under German Criminal Law. In Loss of Control and Diminished Responsibility: Domestic, Comparative and International Perspectives. Reed, Alan. & Bohlander, Michael. Surrey Ashgate Publishing Ltd. 247-270.
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  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Flexible Judges or Flexing the Political Muscle?. In Separation of Powers in Theory and Practice - An International Perspective. De Groot-van Leeuwen, L.E. & Rombouts, Wannes. Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers. 123-138.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Introduction. In Globalization of Criminal Justice. Bohlander, Michael. Farnham: Ashgate. xi-xxv.
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  • Bohlander, Michael. (2009). Killing many to save a few? Preliminary Thoughts about Avoiding Collateral Civilian Damage by Assassination of Regime Elites. In International Law and Power: Perspectives on Legal Order and Justice - Essays in Honour of Colin Warbrick. Kaikobad, Kaiyan H. & Bohlander, Michael. Leiden, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff. 207-234.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2008). Ne bis in idem. In International Criminal Law. Bassiouni, Cherif. Leiden, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. III: 541-560.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2008). The General Part: Judicial Developments. In International Criminal Law. Bassiouni, Cherif. Leiden, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. III: 517-540.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2007). Better Regulation by Abdication? - Remarks on Parliamentary Democracy and Governmental Law-Making. In Better Regulation. Stephen Weatherill. Oxford/Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing. 149-154.
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  • Bohlander, Michael. (2006). Introduction and Overview. In Defense in International Criminal Proceedings-Cases, Materials and Commentary. Bohlander, Michael., Boed, Roman. & Wilson, Richard J. Transnational Publishers. 1.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2006). Laienrichter in der Strafjustiz - Ein Vergleich am Beispiel der Rechtsordnungen von England, Spanien und Frankreich. In Laienrichter in Japan, Deutschland und Europa - Japanisch-Deutsches Symposium, Doshisha University Law School, Kyoto, 15 May 2005. Marutschke, Hans-Peter. Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag. 62-86.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2006). Right to Counsel. In Defense in International Criminal Proceedings - Cases, Materials and Commentary. Bohlander, Michael., Boed, Roman. & Wilson, Richard J. Transnational Publishers. 67.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2005). Internationalisierte Strafgerichte auf nationaler Ebene - Kosovo, Kambodscha, Sierra Leone und Timor-Leste (with Justice Renate Winter, Sierra Leone Special Court). In Internationale Strafgerichtshöfe. Kirsch, Stefan. 261.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2004). Anspruch und Wirklichkeit des Völkerstrafrechts. In Working Papers of the Interuniversitäres Rechtszentrum Split/Berlin. Roggeman, Herwig et al. 101.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2004). Das Verfahrensrecht des Jugoslawientribunals – Überblick und Beispiele zu grundlegenden Aspekten der Rechtsfindung. In Internationalisierung des Strafrechts – Fortschritt oder Verlust an Rechtsstaatlichkeit, Schriftenreihe der Strafverteidigervereinigungen. 27, 199.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2004). The influence of academic research on the jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia – A first overview. In The Global Community: Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 2003. 195-209.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2003). Anspruch und Wirklichkeit des Völkerstrafrechts. In Staatswissenschaften im Dialog - Schillerhausgespräche 2001. Haedrich, Martina. & Eichenhofer, Eberhard. 9.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2003). Kosovo: The legal framework of the prosecution and the courts. In New Approaches in International Criminal Justice: Kosovo, East Timor, Sierra Leone and Cambodia Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law. Ambos, Kai. & Othman, Mohammed. Iuscrim Verlag. 21-59.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2003). Reprint of Zum Einsatz von Videotechnologie bei der Vernehmung kindlicher Zeugen, Zeitschrift für die gesamte Strafrechtswissenschaft 107 (1995). In Der Strafprozeß vor neuen Herausforderungen. Lagodny, Otto. NOMOS Verlag. 253.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2003). The Defence. In International Criminal Law Developments in the Case Law of the ICTY. Boas, Gideon. & Schabas, William. Martinus Nijhoff. 35 - 74.
  • Bohlander, Michael. & Findlay, Mark. (2003). The use of domestic sources as a basis for international criminal law principles. In 2002 The Global Community, Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence. Capaldo, Giuliana Z. New York: Oceana Publications. 3-26.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2002). Possible Conflicts of Jurisdiction with the Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals. In The Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court: A Comentary. Cassese, Antonio., Gaeta, Paola. & Jones, John RWD. OUP. 687.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2000). Criticizing Judges in Germany. In Freedom of Expression and the Criticism of Judges. Addo, Michael. Ashgate. 65.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2000). Plea bargaining before the ICTY. In Essays in ICTY Procedure and Evidence - Essays in Honour of President Gabrielle Kirk McDonald. May, Richard et al. Kluwer Law International. 151.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2000). Völkerrecht als Grundlage internationaler Strafverfahren? In Humanitäres Völkerrecht. Hasse, Jana et al. 379.

Journal papers: academic

  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Blood Music on Darwin’s Radio – Musings on social network data transparency, cyborg technology, science fiction and the future perception of human rights. Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence
  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Criminalising LGBT persons under national criminal law and Article 7(1)(h) and (3) of the ICC Statute. Global Policy
  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Language, intellectual culture, legal traditions and international criminal justice. Journal of International Criminal Justice
  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Political Islam and Non-Muslim Religions - A Lesson from Lessing for the Arab Transition. Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 27 - 48.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2014). Sisters in Law – Using Maqāṣid al-Shari‘ah to Advance the Conversation between Islamic and Secular Legal Thinking. Arab Law Quarterly
  • Bohlander, Michael (2013). Vicarious Criminal Liability of Parents for Offences Committed by their Children? Criminal Law and Justice Weekly 791 - 792.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2012). "There is no compulsion in religion“ - Freedom of religion, responsibility to protect (R2P) and crimes against humanity at the example of the Islamic blasphemy laws of Pakistan. Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law 8(1): 36-66.
  • Bohlander, Michael. & Rothe, Dawn L. (2012). “Spock was wrong”– Global Student Views on Head-of-State and Regime Assassination as a Means of Avoiding Collateral Civilian Damage in Armed Conflicts. The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 2010 1: 69-127.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2012). Case Note on Amtsgericht Köln, Judgment No. 528 Ds 30/11, Germany of 21 September 2011 and Landgericht Köln, Judgment No. 151 Ns 169/11, Germany of 7 May 2012 (Criminal liability for not medically indicated male circumcision based on religious tradition). Oxford Journal of Law and Religion
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2011). Battered Women and Failed Attempts to Kill the Abuser – Labelling and Doctrinal Inconsistency in English Homicide Law. Journal of Criminal Law 75(4): 279-288.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2011). Konventionsfreundliche Auslegung von Art. 103 II GG nach Scoppola v Italy (No. 2): Verfassungsrang für das Lex-Mitior-Prinzip?. StraFo 169-172.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2011). Radbruch Redux: The need for revisiting the conversation between common and civil law at root level at the example of international criminal justice. Leiden Journal of International Law 24(2): 393-410.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2011). Retrospective reductions in the severity of substantive criminal law – The lex mitior principle and the impact of Scoppola v Italy No. 2. Criminal Law Review (8): 627-641.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Death of an Appellant – The termination of the appellate proceedings in the case of Rasim Delic at the ICTY. Criminal Law Forum 21(3-4): 495-509.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Letter to the editor: Reply to J. J. Child, Crim. L.R. 2010, 12, 924-932. Criminal Law Review 12: 933-935.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). No Country for Old Men? - Age limits for judges at international criminal tribunals. Indian Yearbook of International Law and Policy 1.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Open Justice or Open Season? Should the media report the names of suspects and defendants?. Journal of Criminal Law 74(4): 321-338.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Problems of Transferred Malice in Multiple-Actor Scenarios. Journal of Criminal Law 74(2): 145-162.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). The Conflict between the Serious Crime Act 2007 and section 1(4)(b) Criminal Attempts Act 1981 – A missed repeal?. Criminal Law Review 6: 483-488.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2010). Transferred malice and transferred defences: A critique of the traditional doctrine and arguments for a change in paradigm. New Criminal Law Review 13(3): 555-624.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2009). Comment: The Remains of the Day - Whole Life Sentences after Bieber. Journal of Criminal Law 73(1): 30 - 47.
  • Bohlander, Michael. & Mohammad M. Hedayati-Kakhki. (2009). Criminal Justice under Shari’ah in the 21st Century - An Inter-Cultural View. Arab Law Quarterly 23(4): 417-436.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2009). Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility? A pragmatic proposal for the recruitment of judges at the ICC and other international criminal courts. New Criminal Law Review 12(4): 529-542.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2007). Case Comment on Bundesgerichtshof, Judgment of 16 March 2006, Case No. 4 StR 594/05. Journal of Criminal Law 29-32.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2007). Mistaken consent to sex, political correctness and correct policy. Journal of Criminal Law 71(5): 412 - 426.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2007). Uluslararasi Ceza Yargisi: Yargisal Secim, Bagimsizlik ve Etik Sorunlari. Uluslararası Suçlar ve Tarih (International Crimes and History) (3 - 4): 5 - 68.
  • Bohlander, Michael (2006). A more onerous procedure? New Law Journal 156.(March 2006.): 525.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2006). Case Comment on Bundesgerichtshof, Judgment of 12 July 2005, Case No. 1 StR 65/05. Journal of Criminal Law 131-135.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2006). Case Comment on Bundesgerichtshof, Judgment of 14 June 2005, Case No. 1 StR 503/04. Journal of Criminal Law 135-138.
  • Bohlander, Michael. (2006). Case Comment on Bundesgerichtshof, Judgment of 16 March 2006, Case No. 4 StR 536/05. Journal of Criminal Law 482-484.
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  • Bohlander, Michael (2006). Referring an indictment from the ICTY and ICTR to another court - Rule 11bis and the consequences for the law of extradition. International and Comparative Law Quarterly 219-226.
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  • Bohlander, Michael. (2005). Can the Iraqi Special Tribunal sentence Saddam Hussein to Death? Journal of International Criminal Justice (3): 463-468.
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  • Bohlander, Michael (2005). Superior Orders, Unjust War and the Soldier’s Conscience. Inter Alia 4: 17 - 19.
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