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Durham Law School

Staff Profiles

Dr Adeniyi Olayode, LLB (OAU, Ile -Ife), BL (Nigeria), LLM (London), PhD (Durham), AHEA

Part-Time Tutor in the Durham Law School

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Adeniyi is a qualified Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court in Nigeria as well as a Solicitor of England and Wales. He is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK). He completed his LLM at Queen Mary, University of London in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution with a Merit in 2008. Adeniyi has worked at the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, the first Court Connected ADR Centre in Africa between 2011 and 2012, mostly as a Program Officer in the Lagos Settlement Week Office. He assisted with the administration of the Lagos Settlement Week, a joint initiative program of the Lagos State Judiciary, the Nigerian Bar Association (Lagos) and the Ministry of Justice, Lagos State, designed for the purpose of decongestion of the courts’ dockets through the referral of cases suitable for possible resolution via Time Bound mediation. Adeniyi has been a tutor at Durham Law School since 2013 and he is currently teaching on the Legal Skills, Contract and Legal System of England & Wales modules. 

Adeniyi recently completed his PhD in Law at Durham University under the supervision of Professor Thom Brooks and Dr Catherine Turner. He’s also an Associate Fellow with the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Adeniyi is also a part time Tutor with the Brilliant Club, on the Scholars Programme which provides opportunities for Year 6 to Year 12 students to receive university-style tutorials.

Current Research

Recently in Nigeria, calls have been made from stakeholders in the criminal justice system for change, with particular focus on reforms in the methods via which offenders are punished and rehabilitated. These calls have been made, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the current sanctions in place, the most popular being the curtailment of the liberty of offenders via imprisonment, has failed to deter convicted and prospective offenders. This has contributed to high crime rates with recidivism recorded in high numbers. Secondly, the system fails to address the damages suffered by victims and the community at large. Therefore, there is a need to reform the current penal system so that it not only ensures that appropriate sanctions are issued, but also encourages participation by victims and the community in resolving issues arising from the crime. 

One possible avenue for reform that this thesis considers is a concept known as Restorative Justice (RJ). This is because of the perceived similarities between RJ and pre-colonial restorative practices in Nigeria. Before the arrival of the British colonialists in the 19th century, the main objective of the pre-colonial justice systems was to restore social safety with little or no recourse to the use of extreme punishments like imprisonment or the death penalty. Adeniyi’s research examines the aforementioned pre-colonial justice systems as well as the circumstances that led to their substitution with the British colonial justice system, including the use of imprisonment as the primary method of punishment. His research proceeds to analyse the RJ concept and establishes that it does share similar principles and history with its pre-colonial counterpart and can therefore act as a 21st century alternative. Based on these findings, Adeniyi argues for the integration of RJ as part of the rehabilitation programme in Nigerian prisons and has put forward several recommendations for its implementation.


Olayode, Adeniyi O, ‘Restorative Justice and Pre-Colonial Justice Practices in Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis’ (2017)Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (Final Amended Draft accepted for publication)

Olayode, Adeniyi O (2018), The Impact of Colonialism and Military Rule on the Development of the Nigerian Prison System (In preparation)

Olayode, Adeniyi O (2019), The Impact of Culture and Religion in the response by Judicial Authorities to Reports of Sexual Offences in Developing Countries (In preparation)

Olayode, Adeniyi O (2022), The Impact of Colonialism and Military Rule on the Prison Systems of the Third World (In preparation)

Research Group Membership

  • Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
  • Law and Global Justice at Durham
  • Human Rights Centre

Research Interests

  • Criminal Justice
  • Restorative Justice
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Human Rights