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O'Donoghue, Aoife (2012). Alfred Verdross and the Contemporary Constitutionalization Debate. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 32(4): 799-822.

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Within international law Verdross is an influential figure. Verdross' examinations of international community, jus cogens and multilateralism are particularly significant and it is from his exploration of these elements of international law that his insights on international constitutionalization emerged. His impact can be felt in the contemporary constitutionalization debate. His influence on the debate is evident, to varying degrees, in the work of several international legal scholars such as Mosler, Tomuschat, Simma, De Wet, Peters and Fassbender. Verdrossian international constitutional theory has become dominant within the various constitutionalization theories that have emerged, particularly those that centre upon jus cogens, international community and multilateralism although arguably it is the theories that rely on core norms within the international legal order which owe the most to Verdross and his nascent development of international constitutionalization.