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Durham University

Durham Law School

Staff profile

Dr Jessie Blackbourn, PhD, LLM, MA, BA (Hons)

Assistant Professor in Public Law and Human Rights in the Durham Law School

Contact Dr Jessie Blackbourn (email at

Research Interests

  • Counter-terrorism laws
  • Counter-terrorism review
  • Public Law
  • Human Rights


Authored book

Chapter in book

Journal Article

  • Blackbourn, Jessie, McGarrity, Nicola & Roach, Kent (2019). Understanding and responding to right wing terrorism. Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism 14(3): 183-190.
  • Blackbourn, J. (2018). Accountability, Counter-Terrorism and Civil Liberties. King's Law Journal 29(2): 297-323.
  • Blackbourn, J. & Davis, F.F. (2016). Editorial: Party discipline and the parliamentary process - Editors' introduction. Parliamentary Affairs 69(2): 211-212.
  • Blackbourn, J. & Walker, C. (2016). Interdiction and indoctrination: The counter-terrorism and security act 2015. Modern Law Review 79(5): 840-870.
  • Blackbourn, J (2016). The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor's first term: an appraisal. University of New South Wales Law Journal 39(3): 975-1001.
  • Blackbourn, J. (2014). Evaluating the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation. Parliamentary Affairs 67(4): 955-968.
  • Blackbourn, J., Davis, F.F. & Taylor, N.C. (2013). Academic Consensus and Legislative Definitions of Terrorism: Applying Schmid and Jongman. Statute Law Review 34(3): 239-261.
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  • Blackbourn, J., Dexter, H., Dhanda, R. & Miller, D. (2012). Editor's Introduction: A decade on from 11 September 2001: What has critical terrorism studies learned? Critical Studies on Terrorism 5(1): 1-10.
  • Blackbourn, J & McGarrity, N (2012). Listening and Hearings: Intercept Evidence in the Courtroom. Journal of Commonwealth Criminal Law 2(November): 257-282.
  • Blackbourn, J. (2011). The evolving definition of terrorism in UK law. Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression 3(2): 131-149.
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  • Blackbourn, J (2008). Counter Terrorism and Civil Liberties: The United Kingdom Experience, 1968-2008. Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies 8: 63-74.